We’ve all had our fair share of awful drunken mishaps. Here are a few anonymous confessions of people being dipshits while drunk. Enjoy!

1. Twin?

“Does getting annoyed at somebody attempting to walk into me count? I moved left, he moved right, and just before we were about to collide….I realised I’d walked into a mirror”

2. The Lion King

“Got kicked out of a club because the circle of life came on, I jumped on the table and held up my beer pretending it was simba in true rafiki style. As I saw the bouncer making a bee line for me I got down and he had to chase me around the table a couple of times before dragging me out” 

4. Stay Safe Kids

“You gotta love the heart felt conversations you have with strangers. Some random guy told me in a chinese takeaway to make sure not to get syphilis… I dont even think he was drunk”

5. The Bathroom

“I was drunk sitting on the toilet and I fell off into the shower, there was broken glass everywhere and I really hurt my back. I was too drunk to take a shit

6. Second Chance

“Had a few drinks after lectures with my classmates. Next thing, I wake up, look at my phone and notice that I had been texting my ex, basically saying how badly I fucked up and I regret everything and want nothing more than to have her back. I’m never going to live it down and have no recollection of saying it”

7. What Even

“I woke up one morning after a night out, next to my ex boyfriend, and I was wearing nothing but a facecloth and handcuffs. I have to assume that was a good night  up until then”

Make sure you watch your drink lads, you don’t want to end up like any of these poor souls.

By Aoife Crilly