Last night, TD Paul Murphy made a controversial statement regarding the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris last week. The incident, which saw extremists storm the offices of the French satirical magazine and murdering 10 employees because of the magazine’s depiction of the Prophet Mohammed in cartoons, sparked global indignation from almost every culture around the globe. The Blackrock native TD said that he believes that the true root of the problem lies within the installation of the water meters by Irish Water.

Paul Murphy was elected as a TD in October and by November had attained notoriety for his role in the water charges protest in Tallaght which saw the Tánaiste being abused and unable to leave a graduation ceremony. Since that event, he has been at the forefront of the movement to reverse the new water charges in Ireland.

However, this prominent role seems to be taking its toll on the TD as his arguments have become less lucid over the last few weeks. He is now succumbing to paranoia and conspiracy theories in order to convey point of view.

The Tallaght TD told the Irish Times last night, “It is quite clear that the Charlie Hebdo incident is a reaction to the Irish Water meters. While I do not condone the actions of the extremists in any shape or form, it must be noted that it is likely the attacks would not have happened if France did not tax their water usage through meters.”

“I’m quite aware that the media have not made this connection yet, or if they have, they have actively silenced it due to the invisible hand of the market dictating the news agenda. This is why the people have elected me, to tell it like it is. I always tell it like it is, even it goes against the status quo. I join the rest of the world saying “Je suis Charlie”, but I’m also proudly shouting “Is mise uisce!”

Irish Water did not return a request to comment on this article at time of publication.