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We’ve all been there, standing in the alcohol aisle of your local supermarket on a Friday night trying to decide what to get after a long week of lectures. You might think the standard bag of cans will be handy but your heart yearns for something more.

It’s been a long week and it’s going to be an even longer night tonight knowing your mates. You need something that is tasty and will keep you busting moves till last orders. You spot something new on the shelf, “Nine Monks Tonic Wine”.

Nine Monks is crafted at home here in Ireland and is inspired by ancient Irish monk brewing techniques. This tonic wine is caffeinated with the equivalent of about five shots of espresso in each bottle. Take a sip and you’ll find it is full-bodied and sweet, with notes of blackcurrant and cherry, tasty.

You grab a bottle for €13 (handy) and head over to your mate’s gaff; sharing it out with your mates (cause you are sound) either on it’s own or with their favorite mixers. The ancient band of Irish monks believed their beverages were gifts and they were right; forged in Ireland and to be enjoyed by all you and your mates will love Nine Monks Tonic Wine.

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