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Sex is great and all. Sometimes however, things a get little awkward. Here are some of the funniest things people have actually said during sex.



Had a guy refer to my arse as a pussy and my dick as a clit. Being reminded of female anatomy turns me off massively, crazy as it sounds! – FrozenCells



he rolled over onto his stomach like he wanted me to dry hump him and sensually whispered, “tell me what your favorite food snacks are.” i paused for nearly 10 seconds trying to figure out what to do. – impreane



Don’t worry if someone walks in, I have roommates – NJPenPal



“your canines (teeth) are so sharp and sexy” I’m still pondering that one. Perhaps he’s into vampires? – smad1705



“You don’t have to mean it, just tell me you love me” on our second fuck. He was borderline stalker after that since it weirded me out and I ended things. – signal-zero



Right after he finished, he said “Don’t make me regret that.” Romance is dead. – Twinkadjacent


I had a guy lick my lips, and not just like a quick slip, it was full on puppy kisses on my lips, and he refused to have a normal kiss. Awkward, right? Well, it got even worse when he stopped, looked at my bottom lip, and said/moaned “Ohhhhhrrrruuuufffffff” and panted. Literally left to go home immediately – GabeKnope



“You taste like bacon.” – meh85



“And boom goes the dynamite.” – galileo87

By Aoife Crilly