The spookiest day of the year has finally arrived, and we’ve been busy curating a list of some of the best small businesses getting in the Halloween spirit. 

There’s a range of items to check out. From chocolate to earrings, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered for this year’s festivities regardless of what you’ve got planned. 

Howrad Studios

Ran by twin sisters Ciara and Rachel, Howrad Studios is one of the coolest businesses in Ireland right now. They have a wide range of items available and always pick up the latest trend. 

This year saw their first Halloween line, and it did not disappoint!

There are a number of prints that are based on iconic spooky season moments, such as “I’m a mouse, duh” from Mean Girls or *that* “It’s frickin bats” Vine. As well as that, you can get your hands on the cutest spooky stickers. It’s a tough competition, but the Sabrina the Teenage Witch one is my favourite. 

They have also created a “Boo Bitch” gartland which would fit into any setting perfectly. It is a 2021 Halloween must-have!

Sewn By Anna

This shop is based in Bundoran, Donegal, but they sell their items on Etsy, meaning it’s super easy to get your hands on them. Each piece is beautifully detailed and handmade with “love and passion”, as she says in her Instagram bio.

In particular, I loved the tote bags from this shop. There are a number of spooky designs including a pumpkin, ghost and a cat.

However, the Halloween loops are also so original, with lots of detail. This would be such a simple, yet stunning addition to your Halloween decorations – or even your home decor, if spiders are your thing!

Be sure to check out their handmade pumpkins and butternut squashes too. 


Let me start by saying I want everything from this shop. Like, everything. Their necklaces and earrings are just the cutest and are so well-made. 

Getting back on topic, the Halloween items from this shop are wonderful. There are a number of pumpkin earring variations that you can choose from such as round with a face or flat with none. 

The glow in the dark ghosts, though. Can we take a minute? 

There are also beaded bracelets available with spooky pendants, as well as lettered ones too. 

Chez Emily

Is any list complete without a chocolate item?

This business, based in Dublin, makes the coolest things out of chocolates. Dolphins are just one of the many examples. 

Their Halloween line looks simply to die for. There are chocolate ghosts, pumpkins, possessed horses and so much more. How impressive are these?

They also have a cafe based in The Ward, County Dublin, if you fancy dropping in for a Halloween hot chocolate bomb. 

Woof Stuff

Remember what I said about chocolate? The same applies for dogs. 

This shop is based in Clontarf, Dublin and has the cutest accessories for your pup. There are a number of bandana designs to choose from to make sure your dog is the scariest and most stylish of all. 

From witches hats to skulls, ghosts and beyond, there really is something for everyone (and every dog). This purple bandana is my favourite. 

As well as that, you can also get a number of bow ties in a range of festive colours. There are a number of sizing options so no dog gets left behind. 

They even look amazing on cats!