Meet the Woman who Married Herself, then Cheated on Herself

Think your love life is complicated?! You’ve got nothing on this sologamist from Brighton, who committed the ultimate crime, by cheating on herself.

What the hell is a sologamist? We hear you ask.

Well, it’s a person who decides to go solo and marry themselves. It’s all the rage, and we think it’s fairly understandable in this day and age with all the games and craic – but this particularly lady just couldn’t hack it.

Sophie Tanner, 37, made the decision to marry herself in May 2015 in a wedding ceremony that included her dad walking her down the aisle, bridesmaids and a first dance – after writing a book where a character does the same.

However, just two years after making the ultimate commitment to herself, Sophie admitted she also committed the ultimate betrayal: she did the dirt on herself!

The ‘other man’, Ruari Barratt, had been a polyamorist (a person who has relationships with people other than their partner) but decided to give a monogamous relationship a go with Sophie. They made it work for five months!

Two months after the couple split up, your man Ruari decided that he’d give the ole solo life ago – and married himself … In Vegas.
Here at, we say sure why not?





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