“Have you ever wanted to start your career in an over-saturated market? Have you no problem with being typecast? Do you want a secure acting gig with little to no input from other “creatives”? Then Christmas will bring you fresh new source material to research and tie yourself to the success of those that have gone before you. Standing on the shoulders of giants indeed.” – This was the script that played last night after the screening of BOMBSHELL in Concert, exciting fans and wide-eyed ingénues the world over.

The estate of Marilyn Monroe has green-lit the production of an encyclopaedia on the life of the American actress and icon. Rumours have surfaced that Vol I – IV will cover the entire collection of iconic quotes from the bombshell herself. Whereas Vol V will focus on Monroe’s early life as Norma Jeane Mortenson and her career, just to give some background.

Previews of the book have been dropped on social media over the past few years in the lead up to the announcement, however one researcher was quick to debunk the fake quotes that have managed to appear on the Facebook pages of middle-aged women.

 “I mean you just have to think about it critically. She was an astute businesswoman who said one line per hour on set, she’s hardly going to launch into a long spiel about being selfish and insecure. No, our book has authentic quotes such as ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank you, Joe’ from her marriage with the baseball player Joe DiMaggio.”

Questions soon arose as to who would narrate the audiobook which is set to be released early December 2020 on all major online bookstores. Renowned Impersonator Suzie Kennedy announced on Twitter that she wouldn’t pursue the role, stating: “I’ve gotten a better offer for a pilot on HBO.” Broadway star Megan Hilty was allegedly in talks with her agent on securing the role, but those dreams were soon quashed when Hilty was informed it wouldn’t be eligible for a Tony Award.

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