“I couldn’t believe it. I was really hoping for a fight today” said Karen as she stamped out of the Café with clenched fist.

The story of how this Karen “lost it” is as a follows:

“I came into the Café today, as I usually do everyday. I ordered my orange, mocha, frappuccino with skimmed milk with EXTRA CINNAMON and the b**ch behind the till forgot the gosh darn cinnamon. I tell you I was furious! I then stamped back up to her and said ‘THERE’S NO EXTRA CINNAMON IN THIS.’ I was pissed. I was ready to give it out yards to her when she did the strangest thing. She put the extra cinnamon in. No questions asked! I then said ‘wait… what you’re not gonna fight back?’

‘Nope’, she said.

‘Can we just have a little fight?’ I asked.

‘Nope’, she said.

Please. Look, I’ll pour the cinnamon back out and you can say something like ‘oh but I did put it in. Please’. She said no. I tell you this is the worst day of my life! This is almost worse than the time I got a full refund.”