Tanaiste Joan Burton will continue her crusade against the “expensive” smartphones once the issue of water is dealt with. The governments ongoing project of turning Ireland into a police state was actioned fully yesterday, as female protesters were dealt with no little subtlety by the Gardai.
Speaking about amateur footage emerging of Gardai throwing female protesters to the ground like rag dolls, Burton said “Well I got chucked out of Bordello’s the other night by a Garda and I wasn’t even protesting, I was just shit faced. So I don’t know what these people are complaining about.”

Burton’s, who famously queried the veracity of complaints against the water charges because people still seemed able to afford “expensive phones”, spoke about the topic once again in relation to yesterdays footage.

“If we want to make the appropriate changes in this country we can’t have everyone recording every little thing they see. They can find anything to bitch about these days.”

Responding to another video that went viral this week of her being hit in the face by a water balloon, Burton said that “I consider it a vote of confidence from the people that they would lace me with something so expensive.”