Football once again proved that it is the most tolerant and indiscriminate sport in the world this week. After offering convicted rapist Chad Evans a lucrative return to the game by his club Sheffield United, racist savant Malky Makay made his triumphant comeback to management with Wigan Athletic yesterday.

Rarely in the world of professional sport do we see such defiance against general opinion. But despite the widespread discrimination against bigots and sex criminals, the beautiful game has taken a stand to protect their own.

On returning to Sheffield United, Chad Evans said “it’s fantastic to be part of something that couldn’t give a spare toss about what I did. I’m blessed.”

When asked about the racist scandal he was embroiled in mere months ago, Makay said that “football is a mans game”, and that he wasn’t worried about the presence of black players in the Wigan dressing room as “it’s Asians and Jews I’m not into.”

A football spokesman reacted vehemently to questions that the sport has no restrictions on the type of people it allows become a part of it. “That’s absolutely false, we always have and always will stand against homosexuality in our game.”