It’s either the stuff of dreams or the stuff of nightmares. Imagine having to stay back to repeat a exam while all your mates are having the party of a lifetime. If you were truly f****d like I was for the majority of my exams than you were probably delighted. ‘It’s their fault, I definitely would have passed the first one’. We can only imagine the poor guys whose fault it was reaction.

In fairness to Carlow IT they sorted the problem pretty quickly and efficiently. The Sports Rehab and Athletic therapy students were only waiting half an hour before the second paper was distributed. If life was fair the exam would have been cancelled and everyone would have gotten an A. It was truly a cruel blow for the students who thought that all their Christmas’ and Birthdays had come at once, only for their hopes to be dashed.

Many a time i’ve hoped in vain for some sort of natural disaster to get me out of trouble. I’ve also contemplated faking a heart attack, pouring hot coffee all over my hands and claiming a dog ate my exam. No thanks needed for those ideas by the way……
Exams are stressful and we hope the apparently ‘distressed’ students power through and pass with flying colours. Anyway, there’s far more important things out there than exams – For example the Game of Thrones finale is out on Sunday night! Seriously though, go out and smash the rest and then party like you’ve never done before.