An Irish mammy is struggling to hold back the urge to show you Joe Wicks’ new recipe for a yummy choccy flapjack.  

Joe Wicks is a social media health coach and author who’s a HIT with the Irish mammies. ‘Oh I have I love him,’ says one Irish mammy. ‘His accent is just as yummy as his recipes!’ Some might even say that Irish mammies are the key to Wicks’s marketing success.

Irish mammies have become aware of his marketing strategies and how his content is irresistible to them. As a result, the Irish mammies stuck at home with their sons and daughters are have take up a pledge to not share his content with them, thus enhancing Wicks’s word of mouth marketing.

The abstinence around Joe Wicks’s content seems to be causing Irish mammies to go blue in the face however. One Irish mammy said on Facebook ‘How do I stop showing Joe’s videos to Jack?’ ‘Have you tried to subscribing to one of the wellness fads like Yoga with Adrienne?’ said another Irish mammy.

The result of migrating Irish mammies from one social media wellness fad to another might show interesting results or they might be back at square one.

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