Twitter users who had the intentions of having a good week this week have decided to call it.

Much like 2020, 2021 got off to a rough start this year with headlines like ‘Alt-Right Protestors Storm Capital’, ‘Ireland Has the Highest Infection Rate in the World’, ‘Elon Musk is posting weird shit again’ and so on. Virgin Media reporter, Richard Chambers perhaps put it best ‘2021 is like 2020 but faster.’

When the Twitter users woke up to take part in their daily ritual of opening the Twitter app they scrolled through their timelines of horror and collectively said ‘C’mere. Jeh know what. Isn’t it a load of shite?’ Then they gave up on their 2021 plans of having a good year and finally having a good week.

Perhaps you shouldn’t give up your plans to have a good week yet! You can still have a good week. Try 10 minutes of meditation, go for a walk on your lunch break, or try to limit your screen time. Don’t give up on your good week yet!

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