Ireland’s Ancient East is full of well-hid and forgotten gems. These historical spots attract less of a crowd than Dublin’s usual tourist traps but make them more rewarding when you discover them yourself. Here are some of Ireland’s best-kept secrets:

Poolbeg Lighthouse

This crimson-painted lighthouse was initially built in 1767 and is an unknown gem. Poolbeg Lighthouse is well worth the trip as you get a four-mile walk from a seawall out towards the lighthouse and while you’re walking you get a panoramic view of Dublin’s south side.

If you’re not one who enjoys a stiff a breeze. I recommend leaving this one until it’s warm and sunny again. 

Photo by Eimantas Juskevicius

The Phoenix Park 

Europe’s Largest open park. The park is full of walking and cycling tracks making it a perfect spot for a day out. 

It’s also got plenty of photo opportunities! Noteworthy places and things in the park include; The Pope’s Cross, Wellington Monument, and the estimated 500 deer that roam the park freely.

The Hill of Ward

Formerly known as ‘Tlachta’ (pronounced – Clackda), the Hill of Ward is said to be the origin of the feast of Samhain, the pre-Christian forerunner of Halloween. 

Samhain was an important celebration where the veil between this world and the otherworld was at its thinnest and the dead were very near, especially on the hill of Tlachtga. 

Shortly after, Christianity arrived in Ireland and Samhain became All Souls Day. Many Irish then people emigrated to America taking the holiday with them and it eventually became Halloween.

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