Its that time of year again. The stress is starting to build up as those essay deadlines creep up and we start planning changing our identity and moving to New Zealand. I’m here to tell you all to calm down and that everything is going to be grand. Sure Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college and look at him now.

The first thing i’d say is not to work for more than an hour without a break. Have a snack and a cup of coffee. Go out and get some fresh air and give your brain a well deserved break. Even if your exam is the next day avoid that intense cramming. Your Mental wellbeing is just as important going in to an exam. Studying for hours on end without breaks will only stress you out and you won’t actually learn much.

Getting some shut eye is also really important. Those red bull fuelled overnights are neither healthy or helpful. Getting 8 hours of sleep will serve you much better. Listen to a bit of chill music before you hit the hey. You should also avoid any study/essay writing in the hour before you go to bed. Just relax and watch a bit off netflix.

Have a TV show on the side. This might sound counter intuitive but believe me it works. Have a TV show that you can look forward to and watch as a reward for some hard core studying. You’ll be more motivated and optimistic when you set yourself a target to get stuff done before you sit down and watch a bit of GOT (Don’t worry,no spoilers here).

Get some exercise. Studies show that exercise releases endorphins and all that. You’ll feel better, be happier and you’ll sleep better. So go for a run, go for a gym sesh and play a bit of a ball with the lads. It might not seem like it but it will benefit you academically. If your Ma asks why you’re not studying tell her about the endorphins thing.