Well there’s just three episodes left. I won’t ruin what’s happened so far for those of you who haven’t watched but I will say it’s been extremely good. Here’s just a few tips for how to deal with it’s absence.

  1. Set up your own country called westeros with a bunch of people and separate people into their respective houses. Fight and vye for the crown for centuries.
  2. Just keep rewatching episodes of GOT.
  3. Watch the ‘The Crown’ but imagine everyone being really violent.
  4. Do some research and breed your own fire breathing dragon.
  5. Keep saying things like ‘Winter is Coming’ in normal conversation and eventually the world will become your reality.
  6. Build a huge wall between North and South Dublin and start referring to people from the North side as ‘Wildlings’.
  7. Get arrested for petty theft and demand a trial by combat.
  8. Just burn shit up and claim to believe in the Lord of Light.
  9. Poison someone for the bants and set up a long standing family feud that will last centuries.
  10. Get a bow and arrow somewhere and kill someone that you really hate while they’re on the toilet.

Image- HBO