Everyones favorite murderous president that’s not Putin will return to our screens on February 27th. And the new trailer has just come out. Watch below, it looks like it’s going to be amazing.

It’s expected to be the final season for the show, so we’ve been trying to figure out what might happen when it finally starts.

The countdown is on….

(Possible Spoilers)

1. Clare finds out Franks constantly been talking to himself like a crazy person this entire time.

It’s nice when Frank turns to the camera so he can explain all the complicated political jargon with a some metaphor we can all just about understand. Breaking the fourth wall is a nice way to immerse the audience in the story, but what if Clare walks into find him turned to the wall as he gets into his night clothes going on like…
“I do love my wife but at love loses to power every time…” etc etc.
All it takes is just a different camera angle for Frank to go from sage saboteur to mentally iffy. It’d be a nice change of direction for the show, at least. Not that it needs it.

2. Frank gets caught with his pants down

Frank has played a fairly ruthless and shrewd game up to this point. He’s killed two people so far, including throwing a young woman under a train in a crowded station, without so much as leaving a trace. So it’d lend the series a certain poetic justice if he was finally caught for something just utterly stupid.
A leaked picture of himself on the toilet as part of some strange fetish he’s indulging in with an assistant of his might be one. (If you haven’t seen the show, trust us, that wouldn’t even be that strange compared to what’s actually gone on.)

3. Obama makes a guest appearance

It’s not unknown for prominent political figures to make cameo’s on shows like this.
House of Cards has been lauded for its accurate portrayal of modern politics, what could be more accurate than showing Obama and Frank remove their blazers and engage in hand to hand combat – to the death. Obama wins, takes control of the country and does sweet f**k all to improve it. Art imitates life.

4. President Frank Underwood brings in Water Charges

This would likely be the House of Cards ‘jump the shark’ moment. A plot line so ridiculous and unrealistic that the show would get pulled the minute it’s introduced. It wouldn’t fit into the show very well as President Underwood seems too smart and calculating to do something so inherently stupid as charge people for water. But you’d never know, it might be a nice way for the show to shift into a slap-stick comedy.