Michael Martin is set to bring in the aid of TV life guru Dr. Phil McGraw to make things right with the common man. The approach is a list ditch effort by the government.

With the second recession of our student life-time set to arrive, Michael Martin said “it’s time for someone who thinks they know what they’re doing to step up to the plate”.

The Taoiseach said he was very impressed with Dr. Phil’s methods, when watching the show every morning with his Cheerios.

“I should be in the Dail for 9 am but Dr. Phil is on at 8 am so I kind of just blame it on the traffic when I come in late. The lad talks nothing but pure sense and everyone thinks he’s a twat. I can relate to that”, Martin said.

Dr. Phil is well known for his generosity on the show. He often pays for different types of treatment for his guests in order to get them well again. The government hopes Dr. Phil will extend his generosity to the Irish economy.

“If he was to throw a few quid to get us up and running again, we’d be flying it”, Martin went on.

It’s not known whether the Irish people are in favour of the move. Jeremy Kyle may be a cheaper option.