Student nights out are soon to be back and better than ever!

Earlier this week Catherine Martin, Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, published a Night Time economy report including proposals to develop Ireland’s nightlife after the effects of the COVID pandemic. 

The report was assembled by the Night Time Economy Taskforce, composed of sectors including government divisions and Give Us the Night. It includes 36 proposed events over a wide range of areas, with the aim of developing and revitalising Irish nightlife after the hit it took throughout the COVID pandemic.

The proposal examines solutions to introduce “more vibrant nightlife in our cities and towns”. This will include 24 hour public transport systems, an increase in late night arts and culture events, as well as measures to ensure public safety and the reformation of licensing laws. 

Martin states, “There is a new opportunity to enrich our night-life with new options, positioning us alongside other countries where a myriad of offerings await patrons after dark.” 

“The electronic music and nightclub sector is an integral part of the Night-Time Economy and our culture and it is important that it is supported and recognised.”

In anticipation of reopening, a pilot nightclub event will be held in the Button Factory on September 30th. 450 people will be in attendance, and antigen tests and Covid certs will need to be presented at the door.

Nightclubs are due to open fully on the 22nd October in line with Ireland’s reopening guide.

See you all on the dance floor soon!

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