Our annual goodie bag campaign is hitting campuses all across the country this week. We’ve all been there: you start out Freshers’ with the best intentions to embody the block of sense you swear to your Mam you are. Come Friday, however, your best laid plans have changed. After all, if you can’t go a little mad on Freshers’, when can you?

So what’s on offer?

As any hardened college-goer will tell you, the number one survival tip to get through the academic year is to stock up on freebies. Just think: you wake up on a Sunday morning after a weekend of excess absolutely gagging for a takeaway. To your horror, your bank account balance confirms the worst – you’re short baby! While cursing yourself under the covers you suddenly remember the Apache vouchers nestled in your goodie bag. Hurrah! Saved from the sad reality of baked beans and toast for another week.

Apart from the hangover cure, your goodie bag is packed with plenty of study treats. Kinder Bueno, Flipz Pretzels and Nutella are on board to provide some well-needed comfort food for study season stress. Meanwhile, that can of RedBull, Irn Bru and box of Tic Tacs will revive you from that all-nighter in the library. A crucial formula if you are to save yourself the embarrassment of dozing off mid-lecture.

Once you’re well on the way to recovery from your exam-induced stress-eating, our Nature Valley protein bar is the perfect snack to tell the world you have turned a new leaf. To aid you in your new “my body is a temple” lease on life, Green Valley and Donegal Catch are offering voucher discounts to whip up some #healthgoals meals. Finally, recover that skin with Nivea to make sure your feeling yourself inside and out.

I’m in! How do I nab the bag?

All you have to do to secure your goodie bag is:

  1. Clickthe competition link on our homepage
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Take a screenshot of your confirmation email

Once that’s done all you have to do is find out when are Brand Ambassadors are on your campus using the dates below. Just show them your email to snatch that goodie bag up! It’s first come, first serve, so register now to avoid disappointment.

Week 1:

Trinity College Dublin – 9th, 10th & 11th September (Mon-Wed)
University College Cork – 9th & 10th September (Mon-Tues)
University of Limerick – 10th & 11th September (Tues-Wed)
Galway NUIG – 12th September (Wed)
Athlone IT – 9th September (Mon)
Limerick IT – 9th September (Mon)
Mary Immaculate College, Limerick – 10th September (Tues)

Week 2:

University College Dublin – 16th, 17th, 18th & 19th September (Mon-Thurs)
Griffith College Dublin – 16th September (Mon)
IADT – 17th September (Tues)
GMIT – 18th September (Wed)

Week 3:

Technical University Dublin, Aungier St. – 23rd September (Mon)
Carlow IT – 23rd September (Mon)
Technical University Dublin, Tallaght – 23rd September (Mon)
Technical University Dublin, Kevin St. – 24th September (Tues)
National College of Ireland – 24th September (Tues)
Dundalk IT – 24th September (Tues)
Technical University Dublin, Cathal Brugha St. – 25th September (Wed)
Technical University Dublin, Blanchardstown – 25th September (Wed)
NCAD – 25th September (Wed)
Technical University Dublin, Bolton St. – 26th September (Thurs)
DCU – 26th September (Thurs)

Week 4:

Dublin Business School – 1st October (Tues)
Technical University Dublin, Grangegorman – 2nd October (Wed)