Between classes, exams, assignment and friends, college students can have enough trouble finding the time to sleep, let alone exercise. Now that gyms are closed and walks are getting kind of boring, here are some ways to switch up your exercise routine.


It can be a hard one to get into but running really will benefit your life in so many ways. By getting out and jogging for a little as 15 minutes, your mind and body instantly feels better for it. To get started, download a training app like Couch to 5k or Nike Running Club. These will help you to learn the basics and work on your fitness before attempting longer distance runs.


Starting to workout at home has literally never been easier. There are lots of free videos available on Youtube and Instagram, ranging from full body to leg days. Whatever your fitness levels, there is bound to be a workout video for you. This can range from high intensity interval training (better known as HIIT) to cardio, to leg day. Joe Wicks and Kiki Fit both have really good workouts on their social media accounts, with no equipment needed.

Fitness Classes

If working out at home doesn’t motivate you, maybe joining an online class with a friend will. You can search for a gym near you offering classes, like the student gym or even a local GAA team. They usually range from 10-20 euro. Having an instructor there to guide you can be more motivating and also keep you on track for your fitness goals.


You don’t need lots of gym equipment to get started on your summer bod, but it can help. Getting started, you need the basics: comfortable shoes, fitness clothes and maybe a gym mat to avoid lying on the ground doing exercises. You can make weights by using water bottles. You could even make a resistance band from a belt or rope.

The great thing about being a student? Student discounts. Several sports sites offer student discounts that offer a great price reduction. Lifestyle Sports and Elverys have lots of fitness equipment, from skipping ropes to resistance bands on their website for relatively low prices. Do some research and look into what equipment you would actually use.

Working out at home can be fun, and you can do it without breaking the bank. That said, buying the chicken rolls in Spar might!