Fine Gael announced this morning that they consulted the Irish Taxi Driver Union (ITDU) on how best to solve the remaining days of the economic downturn. Irish taxi drivers are world renown for their infallibility on all issues across the board. The move has been hailed (pun intended) as a major breakthrough for the Irish public. Taxi drivers have been at odds with the government since the dawn of the auto-mobile.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny, is the mastermind behind the two groups coming together after decades of bad mouthing each other. In their first meeting, which took place in the Palace Nightclub, it was more of a social occasion before the next meeting later on in the month where hard issues will be dealt with in a sober environment.

A taxi man told after the event that, “We’re pleased that they came to us. We see the streets, so we know what’s really going on in the country. I gave my theory to Michael Noonan on how the foreigners get off the boat and are given a brand new Mercedes along with a year’s worth of welfare cheques.”

I explained to them why the governmental policies and budgets were personally unfair on me, which means it should be everyone’s concern. That’s what I tell the customers and that’s what I told them. I tell it like it is, whether they listen or not.”

The next meeting is expected to take place next week where Hailo will be the topic of discussion.