9 steps in how to write the perfect clickbait article

Hey Oxygen.ie fans, we know how tough it is to get noticed out there so we have a compiled a list of how to write a clickbait article so you too can be a Buzzfeeed ‘journalist’.

The best part about writing a clickbait article is that you don’t even need to create original material, you basically just copy and paste everything.

Step 1: Check Reddit

Reddit is the source for all things viral. It is your bible when it comes to finding shareable content. Reddit is not called the front page of the internet for no reason.


Step 2: Check Reddit Again

Seriously, there is so much material for you to steal and pass as your own. Your friends and fans will be surprised by the volume of great posts you make in a day.

Step 2

Step 3: Find something mildly offensive to be outraged about

The internet is the area where the clandestine find a voice. Normally that voice is not politically correct. Find something sexist or racist to write about. Even if it is not a true story, you can still show your anger in a thoughtful blog post.


Step 4: Make Kate Upton your thumbnail for the article

Nothing gets the internet clicking more than Kate Upton. Writing a story about Limp Bizket’s reunion tour? Put Upton at the front of that bad boy and sit back and watch the clicks come in. Remember, every click that you receive reflects on you as a person.


Step 5: Use gifs to back up your points

No one will care about famine unless you have a cat gif to back up your article about how people who are starving must be ‘hangry’.


Step 6: Always appeal to the liberals

Conservative people are too busy to share articles, let alone look at gifs. Make sure all your articles have a bias for the left wing side of society.


Step 7: Including any of the following celebrities in an article will get you likes

These include: Benedict Cumberbatch, Loki from Thor, Tina Fey, Brian Dobson, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Angry Cat, etc…


Step 8: Mention how you love Starbucks but complain about their prices.

Step 8

Step 9: Lastly…

When posting the article on Facebook, remember to say, “You won’t believe what this person did next…” It will make the article legitimate.