Product of the week: Coconut Oil:  

Summer means nights out, beach days and one celebration after another. Straighteners, curlers, tight up-dos or even humid climates can leave our hair prone to breakage, split ends and simply not looking as good as we want it to. Having fine and brittle hair, I’ve tested a lot of products and remedies to leave the hair looking its best, and often go back to simply using coconut oil. This ancient ingredient has made a very popular comeback in the recent years, with people worldwide now using coconut oil for cooking, removing makeup and everything in between. When applied to the ends of the hair and left for a few hours and even overnight, it provides a nourishing element, leaving the hair silky smooth, soft and moisturised. For best results and little to no split ends, I suggest using it once a week.

Beauty News: Zoella Lifestyle:

Zoella, the beauty Youtuber who has absolutely taken the world by storm in the past year or so, never fails to amaze. After she first released her brand Zoella Beauty in October 2014, she has since released lines and lines of special collections and added permanent additions to the original products. These include everything to do with beauty and relaxation- shower gels, scrubs, incense, lotions, creams and lip butters, all targeted at teenage girls, who are Youtuber and beauty fanatics. Recently, Zoe Sugg debuted the ‘Zoella Apartment’, a lavish, wide and spacious apartment filled with Zoella Beauty goodies in every room, carefully set up, designed and exquisitely decorated. 40 of her luckiest fans will get the opportunity to visit the Apartment, having won the key to the Zoella haven through competitions hosted on Twitter. However, the Apartment not only sees the launch of new products, but the debut of yet another part to the Zoella empire- Zoella Lifestyle. This new addition to the brand will see even more goodies designed for Zoe’s fans- pencils, notebooks, candles and even cushions that all carry quirky design features, designed by Zoe herself.

Fashion News- Autumn Trends:
Fashion Walk

Autumn has well and truly arrived. With September flying by like no other, it’s the perfect time to update your wardrobe with some staple pieces to help smooth the transition from summer to autumn and eventually in to winter. This coming season reminded me of a renaissance period- where old reliables like velvet and leather were brought back, but modernized with never before seen pieces and features. Designers opted for trusty velvets and furs in their shows- a good tip to remember is that autumn usually calls for more textured clothes, like leather jackets with fur necklines. The unusual combination of bright yellow and dull pink were combined, however I don’t think that’s a trend everyone can opt for! I especially liked seeing the ‘capelet’ on the catwalk- a tiny, short version of a cape that is usually built into a blazer or jacket, adding an interesting, modern edge to your outfit.

Gabija Gataveckaite