Best Dressed: Rowa Blanchard

Rowan Blanchard, whos only 15 years old (!!) is already rocking an unbelievable sense of style. Here, she sports a casual, boho chic attire- she paired laced up black boots with ripped skinnies and layered light fabrics. This is a good way to re-vamp summer attire, simply by layering it with warmer clothes.

Product of the week: Maybelline Studio Gel Eyeliner

Now, don’t get me wrong- I love to get the most for my money. When you’re in college, the most important thing is to get bang for your buck. For eyeliner lovers, gel liner is the way to go, because its relatively inexpensive and lasts forever. A drugstore favourite is Maybelline’s gel tattoo eyeliner- I bought mine over a year ago and it’s still going very strong. The formula is light and creamy, the colour is dark and pigmented, and a little goes a very long way. I feel its best applied with an angled, fine brush with liquid liner layered on top- this ensures the liner stays all day, smudge free. I feel the formula in the liner works best with dry skin, but when its layered with some liquid liner, it works with oily skin too. The product comes with a brush, which isn’t very fine and won’t give you a sharp wing, but works fine for basic liner.

Fashion Trends: Velvet

One of the safest old reliables to go for every autumn/winter season is velvet. A trend which returns almost every year, it not only keeps us warm and soft to touch, but comfortable. Every year it gets a new twist, with 2016 showing us that you can indeed have crushed velvet dresses. Here’s a few ways to revamp your love for velvet:

1) As mentioned, velvet dresses: probably the softest and fluffiest fabric going. Also very acceptable for when its 2 degrees out, but you feel like wearing a dress.

2) Velvet accessories: chokers and simple arm bands can be soft and fluffy too.

3) Coloured velvet: who said it had to be muted colours? The most beautiful velvet now comes in shades of deep plum, fuchsia and light blue.

4) Velvet shoes: this may not be one for everybody, but with care and love, a pair of these babies may last you longer than expected. Of course, a really pretty delicate pair may mean just sitting and looking at them without actually going anywhere (cries).

Gabija Gataveckaite