Outfit of the Week: Gigi Hadid


Practical attire for running errands…(…)

The ultimate it-girl, Gigi Hadid is proven human like the rest of us once again- she does her own laundry. I don’t think anyone looks as good as Gigi when running errands, though- she paired thigh-high velvet boots with panelled dress and a black tailored coat. The world’s leading supermodel accessorised with a bare face, unstyled hair, oversized round sunnies and clothes straight out of the laundrette (optional).

Best Coats to Look For:

October is coming to an end and as the leaves fall and the weather gets colder and harsher, it’s time to start pulling winter wear out once again. A tip I would give is to keep two coats in your wardrobe, alongside the usual jackets for the unpredictable Irish weather- a hooded coat for everyday and a tailored coat, that you can wear to events.

-military coats: an old, but trusty reliable. I think every girl on the planet has one of these in her wardrobe at some stage- even lads wear them now! These usually come with a fur hood and large pockets to keep your hands warm. They can be found in many, many high street shops and are an excellent choice for those horrible wet and rainy days.

-double breasted woollen coats: which became popular thanks Kim K herself, who wore hers in a camel shade. Again, these can be found anywhere and are a fabulous choice for family events or even nights out, when you don’t feel like shivering all night. Available in oversized versions and many different colours, the world is your oyster when choosing one of these bad boys.

Halloween Youtube Tutorials:
Halloween is probably the most exciting time for the beauty community of Youtube- it translates as tutorial after tutorial of special effects, fake blood and insanely life-like makeup looks. This year has been one of the most impressive so far- beauty bloggers are once again proving that they’re more than just a pretty face who can contour.

No, this year the beauty community have once again emerged as artists. Sure, it means hours and hours of ogling at your phone, pouring over their brushes and expensive products, promising yourself that you’re going to practise a certain tutorial until you get it right- but when you do try to attempt a look, things go south.

Desi Perkins was one of the beautiful ladies to absolutely kill Halloween looks this year, with a melting face skull tutorial that went viral. She uses a mix of makeup, eye shadow and paint to create a glam side of her face that seems to be melting, with a skull peeking through underneath.

What some people look like before their make-up is applied.

Another Youtuber that pulled out all the stops with her Halloween tutorial was Promise Tamang Phan, who created an optical illusion on her face. This is probably one of the best makeup tutorials on Youtube- she succeeds to create a double face on her own face, making the viewer feel like their eyes are seeing double. I can’t get over how talented some makeup artists are- a girl can dream!

Halloween Fashion

If you ever wanted to give people migraines and panic attacks purely from looking at your face, this is the style for you.

Gabija Gataveckaite