1. Harley Quinn
It was inevitable really. Suicide Squad was one of the biggest movies of 2016 so far, and when one of the leading characters is a gorgeous, sexy, delusional villain; obviously every girl with long hair will want to be her. It also helps that her signature outfit contains a pair of shorts that look like knickers, sexy knee high socks, and two cute multi-coloured pony-tails. In majority of cases, Halloween is; a chance for girls to get the legs out and dress a lot sluttier than usual. Harley Quinn is the perfect chance gals, get the baseball bat out!

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2. Donald Drumpf:
Ah yes, the biggest joke of 2016, Mr. Drumpf. There has already been excellent replicas of this narcissistic Presidential candidate, but you can guarantee that you will be seeing a lot of goes at it this Halloween. Lads and lassies will be borrowing their Dad’s suit, and robbing their sister’s fake tan and rotten blonde extensions to get the Drumpf look down. Let’s hope that if enough of us rip the piss out of him, it might make his voters see sense.

3. Hillary Clinton:
Secretary Clinton has made 2016 her own. She has also made a signature look known to her voters, giving us folk a great idea for a halloween costume. Her red suit has become well worn over the campaign trail, let’s hope if she becomes President, the white house will spot her for a new suit (maybe blue this time Hillary).

4. Harambe:
After the Harambe incident, the internet erupted at the untimely death of the beautiful rare creature. At the start it was outrage that this animal had been killed, but then people started carrying out acts and coming up with slogans in commemoration of the gorilla. My personal favourite used on nights out; ‘Take a shot for Harambe, he took one for you’…

5. Sexy Pikachu:
Pokemon Go. It let us all pretend we were 8 again, and made our childhood dreams of doing what Ash Ketchum did come true. But as we all know, a girl’s got to live. Pikachu is a cute little yellow creature, perfect to make a cute, yellow, SEXY costume for the gals. The cute noises he makes would also be a good party piece to attract a potential mate (maybe a Harambe) for the night.

6. Shane Long:
This one goes out to all the lads who take 2 minutes to get ready on Halloween. Sure listen, grab your Irish football jersey and get the chant going (‘Shane Long’s on fire, your defense is terrified!’), and you’re dressed up as Ireland’s Euro 2016 hero! Na na na na na naaa na naaa na na!

7. Character from Stranger Things:
Netflix are constantly killing it with their new series, and the newest one to take viewers by storm is ‘Stranger Things’. ‘Toothless’ is probably one of the cutest, most lovable 12 year olds that you’ve seen. His look is somewhat memorable, and would make a very cute costume for you long haired lads out there. ‘Eleven’ would also make a very cute, and devious looking costume. And you’ll have girls pretending they’re making people piss themselves with their minds, when they’re really just throwing their drink on your crotch.

Alison Rothwell