Product of the Week: L’Oreal Smooth Silk Spray


Having fine, thin hair means that it is prone to drying out; the ends more so than the roots. I’ve tried many a hair oil (which are too heavy), hair mask (which don’t do anything) and leave-in conditioner (which seem to dry out the hair even further somehow?!), all which proved useless. That is, until I discovered this silky conditioning styling spray, which can be sprayed on to dry or wet hair. It acts like a leave in conditioner, can be used every day and doesn’t weigh down the hair in the slightest. Conditioning sprays like these, especially ones that leave the hair silky and soft, are great if you’re trying to grow out your hair and refrain from trims for as long as possible, as it will take care of those pesky split ends.

Beauty News: ABH Launch Stick Foundations


If you’re an avid follower of eyebrow queen Anastasia Soares or her daughter Norvina on social media, or have watched any makeup tutorial ever, then you’ve more than likely heard of the family-run Anastasia Beverly Hills brand. The Bulgarian make-up goddesses have revolutionised the world with their eyebrow, liquid lipstick, contour and highlighter products. The next step seems to be foundations- in a stick form. Promised to work best for combination skin, the brand released 28 shades of the foundation, with shades ranging from very deep to very light. Launching so many shades mean all customers are catered for, even the fairest of Irish skin tones. Here’s to hoping the ABH brand sets up in Ireland soon!

Fashion News: Kenzo Launches a Line with H&M


It isn’t the first time that H&M have pulled a stunt like this- collaborating with a designer brand for a more affordable, extremely limited collection. The well-loved high street brand has worked with Balmain and Alexander Wang in the past to create lines of clothes that capture the style and eccentricity of each designer, but at a price your average Joe can afford. Looking at the collection, it radiates colour, outlandish details and most of all the main theme of the line- diversity. Although some pieces may seem too crazy, too bright and too colourful to handle, it looks like this will be another wildly successful collection that flies off the shelves as soon as it hits them. My favourites include the half and half contrasting jumper- it’s such a cool idea, one that you won’t see very often, and it just works.

Gabija Gataveckaite