Best Dressed:

For some early summer inspiration, make do like Kendall Jenner. Pair white leather ankle boots with a straight-cut, high-waisted jean and a cropped jumper for added extra warmth. To accessorize, add a baseball cap and a coral lip with gold minimal jewellery.

Trends to Look for this Summer:

A quick guide in things to look for when sorting your summer wardrobe:

1) Bralettes: no shock to anyone, and if you stocked up on these last summer, you can dig them up again. The high street is flooded with the most beautiful and affordable bralettes which can be worn both as underwear and even as pieces on their own on hot days. Look for lace, detailed embroidery and pretty back details.

2) Tulle: otherwise known as the sheer material tutus are made from. If you’re a vintage lover, there is an abomination of vintage tulle skirts available, in all colours and lengths. Look for a knee length piece which is light in colour and versatile with many outfits.

3) Fuchsia: every summer has a colour and fuchsia seems to be this season’s. a deep pink which strikes the perfect balance between purple, red and pink, it works with all skin shades and comes in all forms- tops, blazers and tailored shorts.

5 Tips for a Perfect Manicure:

There’s nothing worse than nails which are chipped and poorly looked after- here’s a few easy tips to follow to ensure a flawless mani every time, and keep your nails as strong as ever.

1) File in a single direction: don’t go backwards and forwards with the nail file- this will cause the nails to peel over time. To keep them strong, file in a single direction, even if it takes a little bit more time.

2) Take care of cuticles: although nail salons may not trim cuticles, you definitely should. Invest in a cuticle trimmer and an oil and use these religiously. This will keep your manicures lasting longer and looking much better. a great alternative for a cuticle oil is coconut oil, or simply massaging in a hand cream.

3) Wait as long as you can between coats: this will mean your polish lasts longer and applies better. Give a minimum of two minutes between coats- and two coats is enough. To maximise the lasting power of your polishes, use a base coat and a top coat.

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