Best Dressed:

When it comes to street style, Rihanna kills it every time. Here she is effortlessly pulling off a metallic copper slip dress, mixing her metals with silver two strap heels and a white fur coat to keep her from the cold. The next time you’re heading to your favourite club in the March cold- don’t forget a long fur coat to keep you cosy, a la Rihanna style.

Embroidery For Spring:

As we swing into spring, we pull out lighter, prettier clothing from our wardrobe to fit the season. Embroidery is one trend to look for this year, as not only has it graced the catwalks of Roberto Cavalli and Alexander McQueen, but the high street has snapped this trend up and the likes of Topshop and Penneys can be seen retailing embroidered booties and jeans. See through dresses, light airy tops and jackets with delicate, colourful floral embroidered designs are the very thing to look for- not only do they make a statement and are incredibly beautiful, but add a very high end look to any piece.

Tips On How To Look Fresh And Awake When You’re Exhausted:

We’ve all had mornings where we lack sleep. Maybe we had one too many last night or just have to get up ridiculously early and our face gives it away. Never fear! All is not lost and thanks to the great invention that is makeup and a few simple skincare tricks, no one will ever need to know.

1) Rinse your face with cold water: or even take a shower. This is a great little trick to wake up your face and make you look more fresh and awake, even if you may not feel like it. It will also open up your eyes, due to the sudden temperature change.

2) Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise: tired skin is dull skin, so to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, don’t skip your favourite cream or hydrant, no matter how oily you may be.

3) Light layers: applying light layers of product when working on your base- that is, thin layers of concealer, foundation and powders, will mean your skin stays more hydrated and doesn’t look dull. Powders and excessive product, when layered, can make the skin look tired, so a little goes a long way.

4) Switch to creams: alternatively, use cream based products like cream blush and cream highlighters to give a fresher, softer and more natural look.

5) Focus on the eyes: this is especially important, as your eyes will give away exhaustion immediately. Add a tiny bit of inner corner highlight, keep your liner thin and curl your eyelashes to enlarge the eyes and highlight the browbone to create a lift.

6) Highlight to the gods: we all love to highlight, but don’t go too crazy. Choose a soft cream formula and as well as focusing it on the eyes, dab it on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow. Mix in a light oil into your foundation if you’re especially dry for skin that’s glowing, fresh and awake.

Gabija Gataveckaite