Irish Water is under attack by the liberal media again for another misuse of tax payer money. The unpopular government entity has been the bane of the Irish media existence for the last twenty-four months due to the general incompetence of both elected officials and private forces colluding to make a real clusterfuck of epic proportions in the Irish psyche.

After reports of frivolous team bonding retreats and the extortionate private consult fees, the public company now faces a challenge to its perception on not only the financial side but the spiritual side as well.

An inside video posted to Liveleak over the weekend shows a group of Irish Water workers performing Satanic rituals in the basement of Irish Water Headquarters. In the video, the workers circle a goat getting its throat slit while wearing promiscuous garments that would not be out of place on the set of Eyes Wide Shut. In the background of this ritual, is a large portrait of the Tánaiste Joan Burton. have read over the ledger accounts for the water company and have discovered that their expenditure on items of a satanic nature total up to nearly €1 million.

Another video, which also appeared on Liveleak, shows the Irish Water Customer Service Department, doing impressions of customers complaining to them in hyperbolic childish voices. This included mock crying and saying derogative things about “plebs”.

Irish Water has yet to comment on the videos.