Last night, Ireland’s former ‘Late Late Show‘ host was escorted from the grounds of RTÉ after threatening security staff when they refused him entry onto the ‘Late Late Show’ studios to record an episode for, ‘old times sake’. A clearly inebriated Pat Kenny swayed up to the Donnybrook headquarters of Ireland’s national broadcaster humming the theme to the classic talk show. Upon arrival, Kenny was asked to vacate the premises at which point he became physical with the staff who tried to reason with him.

An onlooker recorded the incident on their iPhone and uploaded the video onto LiveLeak. The video shows a distressed Kenny trying to reclaim his glory days. Kenny can be heard saying,

“Let me into the f***ing studio or I will have your bollox for breakfast. Tubridy!… Tubridy!…, doesn’t know how to have the banter like I do. That tree fingering socialist wouldn’t have the man stones to ask Gerry Adams if he was in the IRA or seduce the hot one from Girls Aloud.”

“In my day we didn’t f**k around with that poxy owl, I put my own stamp on it. Bring that little Blackrock c**t sniffer out here and we can settle this like men.”

Kenny who had been an RTÉ veteran, left the broadcaster last year to join Newstalk. His new radio slot was heavily promoted by the station and he has now signed up to host a show on the UTV Ireland service in the new year. However, it had been reported that Kenny still laments for his days as the king of talk show in the country and these rumours were confirmed by last night’s actions.

Ryan Tubridy failed to comment on the incident but a spokesperson for the presenter said, “It’s sad to see a legend fall like that. We have the utmost respect for Kenny and his achievements, we hope that this incident can be put behind us now as we look to the future.”

No damage was reported on the grounds of RTÉ and the Gardaí have said that there will be no charges pressed.