Diabetics can get a bad rap sometimes considering how much confusion there is surrounding the condition. Emma Wright is happy to set the record straight…

As a diabetic (or dibo as I like to call it), it is easy to get dogged down by stupid people, I mean, questions (cough). Yes, I have a disease but no, it is not contagious (unless I don’t want to kiss you, then it definitely is!). I have often heard some downright stupid remarks made about Diabetes, so I will clear up any myths you may have right here, right now:

1.  “You can’t have chocolate” – This is the silliest statement I have EVER heard! Yes, I am more than able to have chocolate if I give myself the correct amount of Insulin. Whether I SHOULD eat it in general is another story. That applies to you too, non-dibo’s…

2.  “You must have liked your sugar if you’re diabetic” – Unless I am a forty year old, unhealthy, overweight person, this does not apply to me (I am one on the inside though).

3.   “You’re going to get your legs amputated” – And you are going to get yours broken if you say that to me again! Seriously, it’s all down to how well I look after myself and I think I am doing a damn good job of it, thank you very much.

4.   “You’re going to go blind” – Once again, you will have two black eyes if you talk like that to me. See point 3.

5.   “Does it hurt pricking your finger?” – Seriously? Go stick a needle in your finger and see do you like it. Or better yet, let me do it for you…

So, know your facts before you start annoying us dibo’s with your nonsense. We own sharp objects, after all.

Emma Wright @EmmaWrightsBlog

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