There are few pleasures in life greater than a big, bag of cans.

There’s a big, beautiful world of cans and beer out there, but as a student chances are you’re going to want to get the most you can for as little as possible.

We’re not talking about the sophisticated craft ales, or even a typical pint of Guinness. This is about the best, and cheapest cans in the country.

In order to keep things fair and affordable, we’ve set a price limit of €1.25 per can in order to be eligible for this lift (i.e you will be able to get 4 of the beauties you see on this list for a fiver or less).

We’ve no doubt that this list will be the source of endless debate and potential civil unrest, so before you get your pitchforks sharpened keep in mind that this is only opinion. We’ve put hundreds of hours of research into this to make sure its as an informed opinion as possible.

Also please note, this list does not contain cider. Only beer for today. Chances are you either like one or the other, so there’s no use in comparing them.

Whatever can makes you happy, that is the important thing. With that being said, let’s get started:

10) Galahad

We hate for their to be a last place in this list, but Aldi’s offering just reach the lofty heights of other contenders on this list.

At a miniscule 75c per can, this 4% alcohol can wins points for value but very little else. 

Taste-wise, there’s very little worth talking about here apart from its bitterness. The price means it’s very easy to drink enough to forget about it, but Galahad needs other attributes here if its to get any higher than tenth place.


9) Tesco Premium Lager

What this lacks in originality name-wise, it makes up for with great value and a taste that won’t blind you.

The can is a slightly smaller offering at 440ml compared to the standard 500ml, but at a satisfying 4.8% for less than €1 a can, you won’t be complaining about its size.

The taste of this particular beer is surprisingly crisp at first, despite not being the smoothest offering on this list.

However, it loses serious points for a horrific aluminum aftertaste which makes the end of every sip a challenge in itself until you have enough of them in you.

A valiant effort, but unless you like the taste of tin from your tins, we can’t place this any higher.


8) Karpackie

This may be a controversial entry being so low for some people, but it can’t be disputed that the taste isn’t all too great.

It’s a staple 4 for €5 can in shops and off-licenses around the country, but the bitter taste and off-putting flavor means it has very few redeeming features, unless it’s ice cold.

We love the design of the can and it does offer you a little more for your cash at 5% a can, but when you can get other beers on this list for the same price or less, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.


7) Excelsior

It’s LIDL’s turn to enter this competition, with an offering that is most definitely value for money.

Weighing in at a solid 4%, Excelsior offers a smoother alternative to Galahad while also earning extra points for resembling R2-D2 from Star Wars.

It won’t win any awards for taste, but it’s smooth enough to enjoy at a very affordable price.


6) Finkbrau

This might be an odd entry to some, seeing as visually LIDL’s Finkbrau looks more like a cough bottle than a beer.

However, there’s no denying Finkbrau has some serious pluses on its side. Ten 250ml bottles at 4.7% will only cost you a fiver, which makes it the best alcohol unit per euro entry on this list.

The taste won’t be for everyone, but we find being in a bottle that it will give you a smoother, crisper taste than a lot of its aluminum brothers on this list.

Definitely worth giving a chance if you’ve yet to seek this out. 


5) Hackenberg

Once seen in shops around the country, Hackenberg is a bit of a relic these days and not as widespread as it used to be.

If you do happen to seek it out though, you wouldn’t be disappointed as it epitomises all the qualities of a classic, cheap beer.

A little watery, but the taste isn’t terrible and it’s smooth enough to get through as quickly as you’d like. 

Be sure to pick up the ‘Premium’ version though, with its lovely gold and white design, superior taste and alcohol content. 


4) Carling

We’re getting into the heavy hitters here, with England’s offering very unlucky not to get a podium finish.

They say ‘It’s good, but it’s not quite Carling’. That might be a load of shite, but there’s no denying this is one of the smoothest beers on this list.

It lacks a bit on flavour, which excludes it on a top 3 finish, but you can’t help but praise a beer that is so crisp and available in eight packs for less than a tenner in most shops and off license. 


3) Dutch Gold

A time-tested classic, Dutch Gold holds a place in all of our hearts, and third place on this list.

There’s an old Irish seanfhocal that reads “If you’re not paying Dutch, you’re paying too much.” With the rise of supermarket value beers in recent years, you can indeed get cheaper beers today than this legend.

However, you could still argue that with most off-licenses stocking this at a €1 a can, you won’t get better value for your money than with good ‘ol Dutch.

Like the top two on this list, it’s a smooth beer with decent flavour, but an after-taste that is slightly too bitter for some people’s liking separates it from gold and silver.

Don’t believe the haters though, Dutch Gold is a great beer. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.


2) Prazsky

So close, yet so far. Nevertheless, Prazsky truly is one of the greats in this department.

At 4 for €5 and 4.2% a can, you know exactly what your getting into. No frills, no fuss, no bad aftertaste; Pratsky keeps it simple and does what it does so well.

We’re also a huge fan of the design in general, and its subtle flavour that keeps you interested, but isn’t overpowering. 

It falls just short of top prize for reasons will be explained, but you can’t go wrong with a few of these Czech beauties in your bag. A classic staple in the world of cheap cans.


1) Tuborg

The undisputed king of beers; we present to you our champion; Tuborg.

It might not be considered in the same category as the rest of these given its now widely available in pubs now, but why spend €4.50 on one of these delicacies when you can get 4 for a fiver?!

First of all, its green color scheme is simple yet effective, while also filling one with a great sense of patriotism.

The taste is sublime; exactly what you’d expect from a beer. It balances the smoothness and the flavours perfectly, which edges it over Pratsky.

When it’s ice cold, there is few better beverages you could have in your hand. This is a beer you can drink all night, without breaking the bank.

We salute you Tuborg, thank you.