The world of religion is no stranger to controversy and contention and it seems that the endless tirade of clashes between warring sects has once again made its way into the world of entertainment.

Members of the Creationist faith have been in the news as they gathered at the Warner Brothers studios in Burbank, California.

The members of this religion believe that God created the world in seven calendar days, needing Sunday to rest even though he is apparently omnipotent.

Currently, the reasons are still unclear as to why these people of faith, who don’t kill people because they won’t go to heaven, are carrying out this protest. Many believe that, in keeping with their method of understanding the bible, they have misinterpreted the meaning of the show as advocating for the theory of how the universe was created.

While many religious and non-pious people alike have questions and doubts about the origins of the universe, many are said to be impressed by members of the Creationist’s faith attempts to push their views on other people in a display of ignorance and persistence, rarely seen outside of the internet.


Tadhg Collins