Attention students! Applications for the ‘Colour Writer of the Year’ award at this National Student Media Awards open on March 1st 2021.

This is awarded to the finest writer of features with a particularly satirical slant and distinctly humourous tone. Imagination and wit are key.

In order to be considered for this award you must submit three PDF versions of your articles.

Submit three PDF articles published in student media since February 2020.

Covid-19: Please do not submit a physical a copy of your submission. Public health advice suggests that it is best to limit contacts due to Covid-19. This includes physical submissions for these awards. As a result of the pandemic the awards will be held over Zoom rather than our usual venue, The Aviva.

Submissions can be made through our online application form.

When attaching articles to the application form they must be in PDF format and named “CATEGORY NAME_YOUR NAME_1/2/3”

For our full list of Entry Guidelines see here.

Click here to apply online

Please Note: Payments for this category must be submitted here.

All Closing date for applications: April 15th 2021.