Editor’s Note: In response to the absolutely ridiculous amount of views this story gets, I have penned An Open Letter to Barry Scott.

The world of domestic cleaning products has been left in shock this morning as the untimely death of Cillit Bang’s Barry Scott was announced through a press statement from the company. Scott, who was a well-known household name through his various commercials over the last decade, was found dead in his London apartment after concerns were raised when he failed to show up to the 7th Annual Cillit Bang Convention.

The police in London will not rule out foul play until the scene has been inspected by a forensic team. The officer in charge of the investigation told Sky News “It is difficult to know the nature of the death because Scott’s apartment does not appear to have any fingerprints in it. After speaking with close friends of Scott, we suspect this is because he regularly cleaned it with Cillit Bang”.

Neighbours of Scott told Sky News “He loved to clean. All night long we could hear him walking around his apartment. One moment you’d hear the squeeze of a spray bottle, and the next moment you’d hear him shout ‘Bang! And the dirt is gone!’. I think that’s the hardest part of all this. Knowing we won’t be hearing him clean up happily anymore”.

Tributes from the domestic cleaning community have been pouring in on Twitter and Facebook this morning, with Floor & Furniture magnate Mr. Sheen saying “He was a true innovator. But I guess life is like that. One minute you’re here, the next minute, ‘Bang! You’re gone!”. Mr. Muscle added “He changed the game. It used to be about looking sexy while cleaning glass, then Barry came along and made it about the product. A true gentlemen and a king among men.”

The funeral of Barry Scott is expected to take place next week and will be broadcast live on Sky News.