beerYou’re playing it safe. You’re out for a good time but don’t have bags of money to be throwing around. Beer is simple, you know it’s your friend and you’re less likely to wake up with a hangover.


ciderYou don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about you, you know what you like and it tastes like fucking Summer!!! Ignore the naysayers and knock back the Kopparberg to your heart’s content.

Vodka & Cranberry

vodka cran

You want to get drunk, but look classy while doing so. More importantly Vodka & Cranberry is lower in calories than most other options, so the hard work in the gym won’t be in vain.

Rock Shandy

Rock shandy

You’re not interested in getting locked and that’s perfectly fine (say no to peer pressure), but at least the sugar high will give you the energy to give it socks on the Dance Floor! Also you may as well be wearing a GAA Jersey and munching on a Tayto sandwich, because Rock Shandy is uniquely Irish. Rest of the World – you’re missing out!


ChampagneMoney is no obstacle for you and you want everyone to know that you’re loaded. If they haven’t seated you in the VIP section, you believe it’s only a matter of time before you’re put on a pedestal and envied by all the regular folk in the club… Also, you’re delusional – no one cares.


jagerbombYou’re looking to get absolutely wasted and cause some mischief. It’s inevitable that on the walk home, you’ll take off your pants and pole dance on the traffic lights. Go on ya good thing!

Straight Up Whiskey


You know a thing or two about the finer things in life and if you had your way, you’d be standing there in a smoking jacket, puffing on a cigar, while you enjoy your beverage.

Harvey Wallbanger

harvey wallbangerYou’re the life and soul of your group and know how to have a good time. You’re also a trend starter, because by the end of the night everyone will be sipping on the Wallbangers, because they taste like Ice Cream. Winning!


tequila1You’re educated in the ways of seduction and know well that Tequila also acts as an aphrodisiac. Find your ideal man or woman and offer to buy them a shot of this fine stuff and you’ll be at it like rabbits before you can say “Shots! Shots! Shots, Shots, Shots!”

A Lovely Cup of Tea

teaYou’re an absolute lunatic. Everyone loves you because you know how to party with absolute style and sophistication. There’s nothing more bad ass than ordering a cup of tea in Coppers – extra props if you convince them to throw in a side order of biscuits. People will attempt to copy you and order a brew themselves, but it’s not as easy to pull off as it looks and they’ll end up burning themselves, earning you even more respect.