A trial by the Dublin City Council will see cars banned from one side of Dublin’s College Green in 2015.

The area in front of Bank of Ireland will be made into a pedestrian plaza and result in the temporary closure of the traffic lanes that are currently there.

A two-way system in front of Trinity College would be introduced with the area in front of the bank blocked off to traffic.

This will obviously suit some people more than others, as few Trinity College students live near the college with the rent prices so high for accomodation in and around the city centre. The majority of students coming from around the city still use the public transport, but there is also a considerable amount of student-driven cars that are brought in which this new plan will inevitably put out.

With a ban already in place to stop cars travelling north through the Green between 7am and 10am and between 4pm and 7pm on weekdays, this may well be another way of rubbing college commuters up the wrong way.