The season has come again dear readers, it’s time for Bridgerton season two! After it’s massive wave of success 2020, it comes as no surprise that the latest season of Bridgerton has gone off with a bang. The bar for fashions of the Ton were set excendingly high by last seasons diamond, Daphne Bridgerton. Now let me tell you, this season has truly not disappointed!

While we can guarantee there’s plenty dive into whether it be the extravagant love plots, and elaborate balls, but I am here dear gentle reader to shed some light on the exquisite costuming that graced our screens this season. 

First things first, no, it is not historically accurate. I can already hear the cries- “This is not what they wore! Inaccurate!” While there’s a time and place for historical drama and the clearest of accuracy, in a production such as Bridgerton the costuming is of benefit to the overall narrative and storytelling. Historically accurate costuming is incredibly important when depicting true historical events, of course, but luckily for us the events on the Ton are pure drama, and equally so are the fabulous fashions. While last season focused on elegance and allure, this season has leaned into vibrant pops up colour that illustrate each characters personality, emotions, and overall role in this season!

Perhaps the most vibrant yet understated are the dresses of Miss Sharma. The costuming choices for Simone Ashley’s character Kate Sharma helps illustrate the depth of her character, as well as her character development throughout the season. Leaning towards jewel tones, her dresses throughout the season reflect her characters strength of character and strong sense of self, contrasting her sisters more subdued colour palette. Sophie Canale, costume designer for season two, has a clear understanding of character that she illustrates throughout her costuming choices. I’ll try my best to keep this article spoiler free, but lets just say Kate’s outfits brighten and glow as does she towards a certain someone this season.

Now, it wouldn’t be Bridgerton fashion without a mention of the Featheringtons. Some may think it gaudy, but the brightness and florals of their outfits seem to have hit it off with the general public this time round. The overall impact of this seasons fashions is clearly evident with the explosion of Bridgerton inspired fashions. Floral print is dominating the industry, with Bridgerton collaborating with brands such as Stradivarius, modernising the fashions for the massive fan base. That’s not where the Featherington fashion intrigue ends either, with Penelope’s colour palette seeing a swift change, moving away from her easily identifiable yellow. This season we get to see her in an ever growing range of colours, perhaps hinting towards a certain someone’s move away from secrecy? Yellow signals deceit after all…