Researchers here at have been busy processing the results of a recent national survey, which show some very interesting results about Irish girls.

A comprehensive, long-term examination of the behavior and beliefs of girls around the country has shown that 96% of them may be considered to be “like, the biggest Picture This fan, ever”.



96% is, like, a lot! So, we had to ask the experts to expand on their findings.

According to them, the percentage of Picture This fans come as a result of a steadily increasing numbers of Love and Break up songs by the band, which girls are “like, totally into”.

Experts have also claimed that the Kildare natives Jimmy Rainsford and Ryan Hennessy are so pop-you-laaar because they are “very down to earth lads, fierce sound altogether”.


The statistics have been revealed in the lead up to Picture This playing in both Dublin and Kerry this week, and we will be expecting nothing short of screaming girls and snapchat spam to keep us going. Never change, ladddiiesss!