Described as the “Gossip Girl of Ireland”,  this infamous Instagram exposed Irish Influencer’s lies and questioned their transparency. 



The anonymous account was set up early 2018 which aimed to expose the liars in the Irish blogging community. Over 200k followers were amused by the funny and ridiculous lengths bloggers went to sell sponsored products. The page was condemned by many bloggers who were exposed.

Since April, people began speculating who BU was. People began threatening Tullamore beautician Ramona Treacy. At first, she received prank phone calls and texts. White Moose Cafe’s Jason and Steven started following Treacy’s account on Instagram. She tried to contact Paul to assure him that she wasn’t behind the page, but he ignored her private message. She blocked him of social media after that. People who followed the page would know that BU made fun of them for feeding the deer at Phoenix Park, which is prohibited.

Ramona Treacy then went to the Garda Station following Steven posting a threatening message on his page. After this, Journalist Rosemary McCabe began telling everyone that Treacy was in fact, Bloggers Unveiled.

Things began to get even worse for her as she received a death threat on a Mass card. The nasty messages included “may your ovaries rot from the inside out” and “hope you rot in hell”. Treacy began fearing for her life and has to take medication to deal with the stress.



As a result of this, Bloggers Unveiled decided to call it quits on the page, stating that thing have, “taken a nasty, toxic, vindictive and unhealthy turn”. She went on to say, “I don’t want anyone else’s blood on my hands”. The page insists that Ramona is not them.

Fans expressed their disappointment over the page being deleted. Paul Stenson of course responded to the deleted page, “She tried to frame Jason and I last Sunday by insinuating that we sent her death wishes on a Mass card”.






By Aoife Crilly