This is a first in a four-part series where I’ll be rating, comparing and recommending four festivals between Ireland, Spain and Hungary.

Considering heading to an oversees festival but still want that guaranteed sun? Well then, put Festival Internacional de Benicassim top of your list.

Exhaustion is the overriding feeling as I think back to the bare, dusty and stone riddled campsite. Each morning being woken up by the 30 degree plus heat is something that is difficult to avoid and most definitely not difficult to forget.

Located beside the seaside town of Benicassim, the festival gives the option of camping for seven days however the acts will only be playing Thursday through to Sunday. Although the thought of staying in a tent for six or seven nights is unsettling, if you’re genuinely thinking of heading over, you must get down on either the Monday or Tuesday, and most importantly you won’t regret it.

Getting a spot as close to the acts as possible is imperative and from my experience, the general atmosphere is livelier amongst the ‘first-dayers’. These two or three days can be usedt as a perfect opportunity to meet new people and if you didn’t already know, it’s loaded with Irish so don’t be afraid of travelling in a small group.

As far as day-time entertainment goes? There isn’t anything on site. However, there is a bus service costing €15 for the week that will bring you to the beach or the town itself, where you’ll be greeted by the incredibly welcoming locals and publicans.

Strangely, there is no cap on the amount of drink you can bring into the site so make sure you stock up to save you making an unnecessary trip down to the town.

Tickets are remarkably cheap all aspects considered and currently you can pick up an early-bird ticket for €129.60 with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Weekend and Foals already announced. Look no further if you’re seeking value for money.

William Dunne