The new gamified dating app Tinder was set up to help people meet. By allowing you to set your preferences to men, women, or both, you are given the opportunity to get matches then hook up/meet up or just creep on those of interest around you. It seems pretty easy. I mean, it’s just swiping left or right. The popularity of the app is continues to grow worldwide, as does people’s curiosity. The average person logs in to the app 11 times a day to have a look at who is around them. In Ireland, there are about 275,000 people on Tinder, but reports say that the average person only gets 1 match a day. To help all of you out there who might want to improve your profile and get more matches, we’ve put together some handy tips:

1. The Bio- It’s not the most important aspect of your profile, but if a girl/guy is on the fence about what way to swipe, your bio is going to be the dealbreaker. Quick, funny bios are best. Open with a joke. Just not one that you stole from Anchorman.

FullSizeRender (2)2. For wit, creativity, and honesty however, Kevin has the best bio we have seen on Tinder so far. This bio certainly makes Kevin stand out for all the right reasons.
FullSizeRender (3)


3. We’ve all heard the horror stories of Tinder dates, where matches turn up and look like a completely different person to their profile picture. So we have found men who have put VERY honest pictures on their profiles.







4. If honesty doesn’t work for you, we’ve found that celebrity endorsements seem to be the way to go. Instead of showing you the abundance of people with pictures with a member of the Irish rugby squad or with Conor McGregor, we’ve found you the perfect match – the man with a picture with Ireland’s most famous priest.IMG_0926


5. Knowing your audience is always vital. What do women like? Well these men have made a pretty good guess at it.




6. If all of this fails, Cian has come up with a pretty good substitute for matches with the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones.




If you think your profile is better than the ones highlighted here, or you have come across some absolute knock out profiles, screenshot them and send them into us on the Oxygen Facebook page. We’ll use the pictures for an even bigger ‘Guide to Tinder’.

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