The Republic of Ireland is currently in the middle of a unique revolution, unlike any other seen around the world. While some citizens of this planet have fought the system by voting for Brexit or Trump, the people of Ireland have decided to bypass politics and get hands on.

The #homesweethome campaign has tugged at the heartstrings of many residents of Eire. Musicians, actors and artists have given up their busy mornings of waking up and watching Tipping Point to break into Apollo House and take care of the hundreds of homeless people that sleep rough on the streets of Dublin. Providing beds, food and a roof over heads seem likes the fair and just thing to do to give homeless people some basic human rights but the government thinks otherwise.

When asked for his opinion of the Apollo situation, Taoiseach Enda Kenny responded with, “Aww I love those movies, I think Rocky edged it”. When quizzed further by a confused journalist, Mr. Kenny said, “Tom Hanks in the rocket? Ohh, Michael McIntyre! No?”

At that point one of his advisers showed him a newspaper. “Oh that’s not real! This is just a game of Sim City, when the peasant scum move into your buildings, just knock em down!” Enda continued before his advisors whispered in his ear. “They what? Well that’s one way of avoiding the home owner tax, kudos to them! Besides they’re being too picky with food too, let them eat cake…”

It is believed that Enda Kenny and his government, along with Dublin City Council and everyone else in power, will have a wonderful Christmas…and that’s lovely.

Al McElroy