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From Snow, to heatwave to hurricane, Irish weather is certainly a pain in the hole with it’s unpredictably.

Snow in March

Ireland completely shut down after a blizzard hit early in March. It’s the biggest snow we have all witnessed for the first time in our young lives. We were all stuck inside, re-watching Netflix movies in bed with a cup of tea. It was cabin fever over-load after the first day.

For me, I hated staying inside. So, I decided to go out for something to eat. The only restaurant open on Grafton street was Burger King, which was a huge disappointment for me as I was craving a Maccy Ds. (The Burger King was average btw).


This Summer, we were blessed with warm weather. It was great if you had a day off to bask in the sun. However, it was hellish for those working in the heat. Imagine working all day in clothes that are not suited to hot weather and then trying to peel it off your sweaty body at the end of the day.

Sleeping in the heat wasn’t fantastic either. You found yourself constantly tossing and turning in the sweltering heat till about 4am every night till that little work out made you pass out of tiredness.

Storm Ali

Stormy Ali marked another dramatic change in Irish  and UK weather.

Trees, trampolines, roofs, everything was sent flying due to the storm. Many of us underestimated how strong the winds would be. The Green Luas line was stopped from Dawson street to Balally. This made it a nuisance for those trying to get into the city for work and college. Damn climate change!

Culchies were also affected as The Ploughing Championship was also called off on Wednesday 19th September because of the dangerous winds of the storm.

More Storms To Come

Say hello to storm Bronagh this evening! I’d say she’ll be just as much craic as Ali and wreck the gaff altogether!

By Aoife Crilly