If you survey ready-to-mingle singles, they’ll tell you the worst part of being available is going to a random blind date. But then again, there are thousands of us who have found a lovable, kind and funny significant other, while out on a blind date with strangers!

Recently, a friend was complaining about blind dates. She was frustrated, borderline psychotic, in need of love and not getting any… at all. She was blaming the restaurant, the guy, the table… the universe. Everyone was at fault. And to tell you the truth, her predicament is understandable.

For starters, your heart should always be between skepticism and hope, as you prepare for a blind date. Acknowledge the part you play in the success of your date. Relax. You are there to connect with someone in a social setting. You don’t know this person, and they don’t know you either. Understand that they are feeling nervous and apprehensive as well. Keep your heart and mind open about blind dates, you might just meet your future spouse on the next one.

Here is how to enjoy your next blind date and make it a great one:


1. Throw out all expectations

A blind date resting on the shaky laurels of high expectations dies quickly and mercilessly. If your friend has built up your blind date, making them sound as good looking as Bradley Cooper with the suave and personality of Brad Pitt, your blind date is already done for! It’s a bona fide guarantee that your blind date won’t be Mr. or Ms. Perfect. So, don’t even put this burden of expectation on the poor guy, or gal.


2. Wear what you love

Sometimes a girl must wear her favorite high heels to feel good about herself. We suggest you wear that special dress, shoes, tie, cologne or perfume that make you feel fresh. This way, when you get to the blind date, you will feel good and be all dressed up. You will also make your blind date feel appreciated as well.


3. Open your mind

Well, sometimes our blind dates are weird. But hey, their weirdness might grow on you, the chemistry may take its time and when you get to know them over the next hour so, they might turn out to be nice people. Remember that it’s a blind date for them as well, and they might just be poor, nervous, lost souls. So, keep an open mind.


4. Stop Complaining

The restaurants in a dodgy area? The glasses don’t seem clean? Is the lighting bad? We get it. The blind date is a disaster. But if you fixed everything you could, and ignore everything you couldn’t, you’d do your blind date a huge favour. So, stay positive, keep things light and fun. Capiche?


5. Watch the alcohol

So, here’s the deal: no drinking at a Blind date. Ever.
You need your brain in perfect working order, your senses about you and complete clarity in all your decisions. You don’t want to sober up a few days later and realize that you aren’t attracted to the same blind date you were declaring your love to last night. Be careful, you dont want to end up like this….


6. Leave your insecurities at home

Blind dates can go wrong, but it’s nothing personal. If you sense that the other party isn’t interested in you, don’t focus on that fact because it won’t be helpful at all. In fact, put your best self forward and try to find out what makes them happy.

Tell a couple of jokes, talk about a sport, and leave the blind date on a high note. So, they’ll remember what an amazing company you were, even if sparks weren’t flying. Don’t worry about not looking good enough, super-hot people go on blind dates as well.


7. Try something new

You know what, sometimes the road less traveled holds some amazing surprises and good ones too. So, go on and try that Thai restaurant you drive by. On the blind date after that try frog legs, and some alligator meat on the one after that. When two people share a unique experience, it bonds them for life.


8. Find the funny in the situation

Laughter is the best therapy, it can even fix a crappy blind date. If your next one is going south, look at your surroundings to find something to laugh about. And in case your date has the sense of humor or a floppy wet mop, well you already have something to laugh at with your friends afterward. Have heart. Dont laugh too hard either, find a balance or you could look like this…


9. Get up and do something

If your date is repulsive or boring, don’t just sit there. Do something instead! Get up, get involved, take them out on a walk, order ice cream, get the jukebox up and running. And if nothing’s working, well… chew faster, walk quicker, get outta there…quickly!!!

Blind dates are just another way to find happiness and fulfillment in a busy, modern world. Don’t knock ‘em unless you’ve given them your best. Remember that the most effective way of winning on a blind date is to approach it with sincerity. Relax and connect with the inner you, listen to your intuition and you’ll find your person sooner than you can imagine.

Christine Rudolph