We live in a digital age. Not the ‘cool and sexy’ kind like in the Matrix or the ‘grim and depressing’ kind like seen in Black Mirror(well not yet anyway). Our point is that we live in a rapidly changing world where the internet is tearing down old power structures right before our very eyes. Before you had to have a degree and be well connected to get an article published and now they’ll just let any idiot do it with minimal supervision …

So in that same spirit of growth and modernisation, let us introduce you to 5 of the best upcoming Irish vloggers/bloggers using the internet to shape youth culture.

Rachel Eustace

Whether she’s travelling around Europe, creating makeshift music videos in her kitchen or starring in a Picture This music video, Rachel is one of the most active Irish Vloggers out right now. Yet despite that, she hasn’t sacrificed quality for quantity. Her YouTube channel is full of playful yet expertly edited content that gives the viewer an intimate peek into her adventurous life. Charming, stylish and funny with a real knack for photography, what’s not to love about Rachel Eustace?

Rachael Bailey

Hmmm, I’m beginning to see a pattern here…

Listen, if you haven’t necessarily heard of Rachael Bailey we’re maybe willing to forgive you. But if you’ve never come across her or the work she does then we’re honestly sorry for you. What exactly is that work you ask? She’s a events promoter, model, writer for Hotpress & District Magazine, Dj and does a little poetry if you scroll way down on her Instagram.  One day Rachael will vlogging on insta about a topic she’s personally passionate about and the very next day she’ll be modelling for Ninecrows. She’s honestly one of our favourite people to follow on the internet.

Dean Van Nguyen

A man with his finger firmly on the pulse of the culture. Dean is probably one of the most prominent figures in the Irish musical zeitgeist writing for everyone from the Irish times to Pitchfork. Yet, up until recently, it seemed like Dean was perfectly content to chill in the periphery and quietly shape the Irish music scene from the background. But with an upcoming novel and a personal blog where he plans on covering the 100 most prominent hip-hop songs in the last decade, it seems like Dean fully intends to take over the Irish blogging scene in 2019.

Bukola Veronica

Shortlisted for the ‘best newcomer influencer’ at the Irish beauty blog awards in 2018, Bukola’s blog exudes such a high level of professional we were honestly surprised to find out that she was a relative newcomer to the Irish blogging scene. Her work blends fashion and her personal experiences seamlessly. Her writing is purposeful, funny and informative. With entries like ‘Fashion on a budget’, she speaks directly to the broke student population(which is like 90% of us).  Bukola crafts a narrative around her outfits in such a way that you’re literally on edge of your seat wondering if her new red boots are going to pair well with the rest of her outfit. Who knew fashion could be so interesting huh?

Ella Power

There are many ways to describe Ella Power’s YouTube channel, but the first that comes to mind is carefree. Ella literally does not care what you think about the content she creates, and it’s that very same carefree approach that makes her content so enjoyably self-aware. She’s full of attitude, humour and a quick quip for anyone who critiques her content. That content consists of trying out swimwear, chapstick challenges, reaction videos, personal makeup routines and quite literally every other genre of YouTube video in existence. If nothing else, Ella is a great role model for how to handle online harassment, just respond with a polite f*ck you.