This past May, the hit American TV show Glee celebrated its 10th anniversary since its initial release in 2009. And to commemorate this momentous occasion, Netflix blessed us all by putting all six seasons of Glee back up for our viewing pleasure. As a self-proclaimed Gleek who knows all of the words to all of the songs from all of the episodes from all of the seasons, this was an exciting little surprise and a new excuse to binge watch Netflix while hiding from the Irish summer weather. As you settle back into your favourite TV-watching position, about to start Season 1, Episode 1, you’ll begin to notice some things you didn’t realize you’d forgotten about Glee.

  1. How Annoying Rachel Berry Is:

Yes, she’s talented. Yes, she’s got a great voice. But yes, she is also the most annoying character on the show, at least in the early episodes. From her selfish, cutthroat ways to her insistence of always being the star of the show, it’s no wonder people don’t seem to like her.

2. Will Schuester’s Evil Wife:

Yes, I know it’s hard to picture Will with anyone other than the sweet, kind Emma, but believe it or not, there was someone before her. Very early on, if you think back really carefully, I’m sure the name Terri Schuester will come to mind, along with the words manipulative, controlling and dishonest.

3. Tina’s Stutter

It’s easy to forget that in the beginning of the show, Tina has a terrible stutter that she struggles to get over. Even in her singing, despite her powerful voice, she is held back by this speech impediment. That is, until episode 9 when we learn that she was faking the stutter the whole time!

4. Kurt was on the Football Team

Now there’s no way you truly forgot the iconic Single Ladies halftime show performance led by the one and only Kurt Hummel. But did you remember that he was also the star of the team for one brief moment, where he punted the winning field goal for the McKinley High Titans

5. Finn was Blackmailed

Described as the “darkest moment of Will Schuester’s life”, the struggling Glee teacher planted the devil’s lettuce in Finn’s locker after hearing him singing in the changeroom. This led to him being blackmailed into joining the Glee Club, which began the descent of his social reputation, but ultimately helped the popularity of the club.