1. Those Glass Bottles of Coke and the packet of Tayto/King
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2. Opening up a tin of Biscuits to find sewing stuff. Jesus Mam…..

3. ‘ That’s for Christmas!!!!’You dare to reach for a packet of crisps purposely bought for Christmas and you hear a shout from the other end of the house warning you to stay away from that stuff if you value your life. Of course only a quarter of it ends of getting eaten.

4. Granny handing you a fiver in a handshake. Away from the prying eyes of your parents, Granny hands you a 5 euro note, reminding you not to spend it all in one shop.

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5. The toys in cereal boxes. Do they still do this and if not why? Probably some Health and Safety BS. Of course, nobody was actually patient enough to the toy to fall into their bowl. Routing through the box was part of the fun.

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6. The sip of Dad’s beer. ‘Just don’t tell your Mam’. You also use all your effort to not wince at the bitter taste.

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7. Billy Bear Ham. The staple of many a school lunch. This stuff was epic.

8. Those Godamn vaccinations. The dreaded wait in the line for a prick in your arm still haunts me to this stay. The lollipops were great though.

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9. This bollox.

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10. This bad boy. The poor thing never stood a chance of staying alive though.

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